Visual Skills Checklist

Visual Skills at 2 months

  • Begins to follow things with eyes
  • Begins to notice primary colors
  • Prefers faces to other visual patterns
  • May begin to recognize familiar people from several feet away

Visual Skills at 4 months

  • Tracks moving objects with eyes
  • Recognizes familiar people at a distance
  • Reaches for things he sees
  • Visual Skills at 6 months

    • Begins to enjoy peekaboo
    • Studies her own hands
    • Can move eyes together quickly to find a moving object

    Visual Skills at 9 months

    • Watches the path of something as it falls
    • Looks for things he sees you hide
    • Visually concentrates on a toy she is holding

    Visual Skills at 12 months

    • Moves body to get favorite toys he sees
    • Looks all around the room to see what’s happening
    • Frequent visual inspection of things and people
    • Emerging accuracy with throwing things

    Visual Skills at 18 months

    • Visually interested in simple pictures
    • May hold objects very close to eyes to inspect
    • Finds object pictures in books when named

    Visual Skills at 2 years

    • Begins to inspect things with eyes only
    • Finds things even when hidden under two or three covers
    • Begins to sort shapes and colors

    Visual Skills at 3 years

    • Completes puzzles with 3 or 4 pieces
    • Watches and imitates other children
    • Navigates his movement while exploring
    • “Reads” pictures in books
    • Uses a variety of strokes in coloring

    Visual Skills at 4 years

    • Brings head and eyes close to page of book while inspecting
    • Draws and names circle and cross on paper
    • Can close eyes on request, and may be able to wink one eye

    Visual Skills at 5 years

    • Draws and names pictures
    • Colors within lines
    • Cuts and pastes quite well on simple pictures
    • Copies simple forms and some letters
    • Can place small objects in small openings
    • Tells about places, objects, or people seen elsewhere