Our State-of-the-Art Clinic

Every inch of our clinic has been thoughtfully planned with your child in mind. The result is a comfortable and nurturing environment where children are inspired to reach their fullest potential. Our state-of-the-art clinic boasts spacious therapy rooms and high-tech observation areas perfect for professional and family collaboration and training. That means families can observe the fun, without changing the nature of the therapy session so family members and caregivers can learn how to incorporate therapy into routines at home, ensuring more consistent carryover.

Our facility also includes:

  • A theater and observation room
  • A sensory gym with swings
  • A climbing structure
  • Slide and crash pit
  • Gym with a rock climbing wall
  • Wii
  • Space for gross motor activities
  • An art room
  • Fine and gross motor rooms with treadmill and steps
  • Imagination room promoting early play skills
  • Individual and group therapy rooms
  • Kitchen for feeding and ADLs (baking, meal prep)
  • Fenced-in outdoor grassy area
  • Consultation room